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Zamifolia 64cm

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An ornamental plant 45 to 60cm tall with leathery, glossy real touch green leaves. Often used as an indoor plant in interior plantscaping.

The Zamifolia is a beautiful plant that's easy to clean and an attractive decorative plant to display within a home or office.

The Zamifolia 64cm plant  has 7 stems with many leaves attached to these stems. The leaves are a fleshy looking type which are about 8-10 cm in length and about 5 cm wide. Glossy leaves are up to 60cm long, succulent and pinnate with 6 to 8 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets are long, elliptic-ovate and broadest above the middle.

To set-up your plant leaves bend some of these stems straight up and then carefully bend out others to arch over, which will create a natural shape and a full looking  plant.

The Artificial Zamifolia 64cm Plant is an amazing replica of the real Zamifolia Plant.  Artificial Zamifolia Plant is also known as the Money Tree, Fat Boy, Eternity Plant, Zanzibar Gem, Chinese New Year Festive Plant, Chinese Gold Coin Plant.  

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