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Do you have a showroom?
Unfortunately we do not have a showroom. We are purely an online retailer which keeps our costs low to deliver the best value, lifelike plants to you. All images on our website are photographs of our actual products so you can be confident in the product you are buying. Please note that the coloured pots may appear differently on your screen due to screen settings.

How lifelike are your plants?
All images of our plants are real photos of our products. We strive to source the highest quality and lifelike plants, trees and flowers. We distinguish ourselves by only stocking quality, lifelike plants. Many of our plants including all bamboo trees are made from real plant trunks. Made from high quality plastic with metal support and structure, and the highest attention to detail.

How do I remove or change items in my cart?
If you would like to remove or change items in your cart. Simply click the "view cart" button in the upper right hand corner of the website. On mobile devices, click the VIEW CART link in the Menu bar.

Does someone need to be present when shipping to a home address?
If no one is going to present during expected delivery, please specify this during checkout in the notes section. If the courier is unable to deliver your package they will return it to the nearest depot for collection. Please note we cannot ship to PO Boxes - we can only ship to physical addresses as we use a express courier service.

Are the plants suitable for outdoor use?
Outdoor conditions vary considerably depending on location and product placement, therefore it is not possible to guarantee the life of our artificial plants outdoors. The major sources of damage to artificial plants are from full sunlight, and high winds. We do not recommend placing them outside if any of these factors are present. 
It is important to be realistic in the fact that artificial plants outdoors will not last as long as their counterparts that are placed inside. If they are placed outside, they should be placed in a location that is as sheltered as possible. 
We cannot guarantee the life of any of our plants outdoors, however you can purchase a UV spray from most hardware stores that will stop the leaves from fading as quickly. 

Do you offer returns?
We offer returns within 14 days on plants and require a photograph of the products you wish to return. All items must be in original packaging and contain the original packing slip. Returns will be subject to refund minus shipping costs incurred by us to deliver the product to you and a 35% handling & restocking fee. Any fault on our behalf however are not subject to the above. If you would like to return your item, please contact us for details. 

What if I'm not home when my delivery arrives?
If the courier is unable to deliver the parcel, there may be a re-delivery fee that needs to be paid. We do apologise for this, but it is out of our hands.

How long will it take to receive my order?
We endeavour to process all orders within 1 business day. Some products that have decorative pots are made especially for each order so please allow 2-3 days extra for the plant to be potted and glue to set. Shipping usually takes between 1-6 business days, depending on your location. Please let us know if your order is URGENT and we will make every possible effort to meet your deadline.

What do I do when I receive my plants?
This is the easy part. All our plants arrive at your door fully assembled, so no need to worry about trying to put them together. When your order arrives, all you need to do is unpack the plants or trees from their shipping box and place them in the area you have planned, some plants need some opening up - we suggest you use the images on our website to use as guidance when opening up your plants. Occasionaly during transport, some leaves may be a slightly out of shape. Most customers find that the leaves spring back to their normal shape after a little time out of the box. Heat can also be used to style the leaves exactly the way you prefer. Be very careful not to overheat your brand new plants.


Do you have a guarantee?
Francisco Plant Couture warrants to the initial purchaser of our products that they are of good material, workmanship, and are free of manufacturing defects. It is necessary that water be able to drain from the containers with outdoor use.  Francisco Plant Couture, at their discretion, will repair, exchange or give credit for the original purchase price of any item proving to be of defective materials or workmanship. Mishandling, misuse, abuse, failure to follow directions for use, unauthorised modifications, neglect, accidents or any other hazard to the product voids the warranty. The Manufacturer will not be liable for labour, shipping, delivery or any other costs associated with such a claim.

How long will a fiberglass planter last?
Because our planters are made from high-quality materials like those used to manufacturer other outdoor products such as boats and cars one may expect to a long life-span with proper care and maintenance.

Will fiberglass planters hold up well in extremely hot/cold climates?
Absolutely there will not be any problems to use fiberglass planters in either very hot climates or very cold climates.

Will the colour of the planter fade?
We use an industrial grade finish, similar to what is used on automobiles, which has been UV tested and specially designed so it may be used outdoors. With proper care and maintenance such as waxing and cleaning the finish will stay beautiful for years to come.

Do you only offer White?
Our pots can be made to any colour you require. There may be a minimum order quantity for specific colours. Please select from our variants that we offer or supply your Pantone/paint/colour code in the notes section of your order.

Are there drainage holes in the bottom of the planter?
Because our planters may be used indoor or outdoor they do not come pre-drilled with drainage holes. If you request it at the time your order is placed, we would be happy to offer this service. If you choose to open the holes yourself this may be done with a standard drill and drill bit. There are not special tools required and no you will not damage the planter.

Can I plant directly inside of a fiberglass planter?
No, most planters can’t be used for direct planting, however the desk bowls are suitable for direct planting.

What type of plants work best in my planter?
There are countless options for plants that will look attractive and work well in your planters. To make the best selection possible consider the following variables: Will the plant be placed indoors or out? Will the location have bright or minimal light? What are the ideal light, nutrient, water and weather requirements for the plant? Some plants are not well suited to containers because their aggressive roots will fill all of the available space in the container and then begin to push their way through the container. While you don’t have to worry about this with many plants it is something to keep in mind. To ensure success in selecting the proper plants for your container, it would be wise to consult with your plant provider to be sure your plant grows well in the containers and to learn what soils, nutrients, lighting and water are required to keep your plants healthy. Most of our Planters are manufactured to take a liner system for planting.

Can fiberglass scratch?
The fiberglass finish may scratch in your planter in the same manner that a car or boat fiberglass surface may scratch. While this is not a big concern once your plants are planted, it is important to be careful during transport, so you don’t scrape or move your planter against a rough surface. We do recommend that care is taken to protect the finish of your planters.

How can I repair scratches?
There are several ways to correct a scratch on the surface of your planter. The finish on your planters consists of 4 layers. If the top layer is scratched, use a very fine sand paper to smooth over and remove the scratch. For deeper scratches, Francisco Plant Couture offers touch up paint.

Will these planters bulge?
Your planters will bulge if you plant directly into them.

Do holes need to be put in the bottom of my planters?
This question depends on several variables. If you are using the planters indoors you do not want drainage holes. If you are using the planters outdoors, as a general rule, you will need drainage holes to allow the water to drain from the bottom.

How do I drill the holes?
We drill holes with a 1” spade bit for larger planters and ½” for smaller planters.

Will you drill the holes in my planters? When do I need to let you know I want holes?
We would be happy to drill drainage holes in your planters at the time of your order. Please note that your order will specifically state “the planter item number” and directly below it “DRILL DRAINAGE HOLES.” Planters that are requested with drainage holes or modifications are not eligible for return.

What type of soil do I need to use in my planters?
For most Plants the liner needs to be filled with potting soil, and small stones over the soil deck to prevent it from blocking. Do not fill your planters with regular soil, sand or rocks as the weight may damage the fiberglass lip which the liner sits on or the pot might crack on the join lines.