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Tulip Arrangement Yellow Orange - Plant Couture - Silk Flower Arrangements

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Sunshine in a Vase: Our Captivating Yellow & Orange Tulip Arrangement 

Bring a burst of sunshine indoors with our radiant Yellow & Orange Tulip Arrangement! This vibrant display is guaranteed to chase away the blues and inject a dose of cheerful energy into any space. 

Towering at 70cm tall, this arrangement features a stunning collection of luxurious yellow and orange tulips artfully arranged in a stylish tortoise shell glass vase (35cm high). Lush greenery peeks through the vibrant blooms, creating a full and captivating display that measures 60cm wide. 

Here's why you'll love it: 

  • Symbol of Perfect Joy: Tulips, particularly yellow and orange varieties, are associated with happiness, optimism, and new beginnings. This arrangement is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, brighten someone's day, or simply add a touch of cheer to your own home. 

  • Long-lasting vibrancy: Unlike their fresh counterparts, these artificial tulips will retain their cheerful colors and flawless form for years to come, spreading sunshine in your home for seasons to come. 

  • Effortless Beauty: Ditch the watering can and forget about wilting petals! This arrangement requires minimal upkeep, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant beauty of tulips without any of the hassle. 

  • Realistic Appeal: Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, these artificial tulips boast a remarkably lifelike appearance that will have your guests wondering if they're real. 

  • Lightweight Champion: Weighing only 2.21kg, this arrangement is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to move and display wherever you need a touch of sunshine. 

Did you know? The tulip's journey to Europe is an interesting one. Originating in the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), tulips captured the imagination of European diplomats in the 16th century. By the 17th century, tulips had become a symbol of wealth and status, sparking a phenomenon known as "Tulip Mania," a period of frenzied speculation that some consider the first economic bubble. 

While the price of tulips may have fluctuated throughout history, their ability to bring joy remains constant. This vibrant arrangement is a beautiful reminder to embrace optimism and celebrate life's simple pleasures. 

Light up your home with the enduring cheer of our Yellow & Orange Tulip Arrangement. Order yours today! 

Product Specifications 

Name: Tulip Arrangement Yellow & Orange


Total Height: 70cm

Vase Height: 35cm

Width: 60cm

Weight: 2.21kg

Vase: Glass – Tortoise Shell

Flowers Included: Tulips

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor