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Matting Spring Garden Schefflera 50cmx 50cm - Plant Couture - Artificial Plants

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Inject a little bit of life and colour into your space with our Spring Garden Schefflera Vertical Garden Wall panels.

This highly realistic and durable screening is adorned with petite white & yellow florals – a beautiful, yet minimalistic way to liven your fences and walls.

And if its privacy you’re after, we’ve got you covered! The artificial foliage is extremely dense so you can rest assured that your neighbours won’t be peeping into your yard.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, the hedges can even be used for commercial spaces such as offices, shops and cafés.

The best part? No maintenance is required and it’s super easy to install! Each panel comes as a 50x50cm panel (as pictured). They can be joined together using the hole and lug system around the outside of each panel to make any size you want. Alternatively, they can be cut along the grid on the back to make them as small as you desire.

Each panel weighs approximately 1kg.

It is worth noting that due to the lush nature of this vertical garden, you may need to cable tie on the stems (grasses, and branches) in high wind areas to protect it from its fragility.

Product Specifications 

Name: Spring Garden Schefflera 50x50cm


Length: 50cm

Width: 50cm

**Packing Size: 8/box 55x55x30cm

**Packing Size for reference only. Products sold individually.

Weight: 0.98kg

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor