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Gladiolus Fuschia Silk Flower Stem - 100cm

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 Gorgeous Silk Gladiolus flowers symbolise strength, integrity, and passionate love.

Charming and vibrant with towering stems, this August birth flower and 40th wedding anniversary flower has a mesmerising appeal about it.

The long and pointed shape of the leaves gave them this name that comes from a roman word “gladius”, meaning sword. These sword-shaped leaves and flowers evoke the drama of Roman gladiators.

Our silk replicas of these legendary blooms preserve the elegant appeal and charismatic colours of the fresh flowers to give you an exciting decorating experience.

The best part of decorating with these flowers is that they will always stay blooming and colourful, unlike the fresh flowers that wilts and withers very early. Transform plain and lack luster centerpieces and arrangements into radiant gardens of paradise by adorning with our Gladiolus bushes.

The stems are made of steel wires covered with plastic, which make them easy to bend or shape the way you like.

Product Specifications

Name: Gladiolus 100cm - Fuschia 


Height: 100cm

Width: 15cm

Base stem height: 32cm

Combined leaves height: 68cm

Number of leaves: 2

Number of flowers: 14

**Packing Size: 6/Box 107.5x23.5x9cm

**Packing Size for reference only. Products sold individually.

Weight: 82g

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor