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Rubber Tree 82cm - Plant Couture - Artificial Plants

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 An ornamental houseplant favourite since Victorian times, this Rubber plant has sumptuously large deep green leaves and slightly menacing red tips.

Adding it to your home guarantees style without the hassle of keeping the real plant alive.

The Rubber plant is available as an 82cm plant. It features big matt green leaves and vivid red tips. The plant will arrive securely potted into a plain black starter pot which can be re-potted into a small or medium-sized plant pot (18cm – 22cm diameter).

All of our plants are made by hand so the exact measurements will vary slightly. You can normally adjust the overall width by tweaking the foliage. 

The foliage is manufactured from premium durable plastic which is supported by a semi-rigid plastic frame. This ensures the plant will hold its shape and last for as long as possible in your home. 

Your artificial rubber tree will arrive in a black pot. We suggest replanting your tree into one of our more decorative plant pots.

Take a look at our range of premium plastic plant pots available in a variety of colours and shapes to compliment your artificial rubber tree. If you would like some advice on replanting your tree, see the related products below.


Product Specifications 

Name: Rubber Tree 82cm


Height: 82cm

Width: 45cm

Pot Measurement: H13cm x D16cm

Number of leaves: 24

**Packing Size: 6/box 98x48x17cm

**Packing Size for reference only. Products sold individually.

Weight: 1.4kg

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor