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Strelitzia Tree - 160cm

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This Artificial Strelitzia 160cm version features super lifelike, lush green leaves and rich green stems just as your would expect from it's real counterpart.

This big leafy plant knows just how to turn your space into a beautiful tropical oasis, but doesn’t need any of the hassle like its natural version .

Choose from three sizes and watch your space transform!

Thanks to its bendable stems and leaves, the plant can be shaped into any desired shape.


When it arrives:



We will send your Strelitzia 160cm tree safely and securely in a cardboard box. The plant and travel pot may have some additional wrapping to keep it secure in transit.

First, remove all of the packagings and, if possible, recycle it.



You will find that the leaves on the Strelitzia 160cm tree are pushed upwards when you remove them from the box.

Most of our artificial plants have wired branches, fronds and foliage which means you can simply bend or reshape them by hand until they are in the desired position.


Add finishing touches: 

We do suggest replanting it into a more decorative plant pot to compliment your artificial Strelitzia tree.

We offer a large variety of premium plant pots in a mixture of shapes, sizes and colours, so finding the perfect spot for your plant couldn’t be any easier! See the related products below for options that work with this plant.


Product Specifications 

Name: Strelitzia Tree Real Touch 160cm


Height: 160cm

Width: 80cm

Pot height: 15cm

Pot width: 17cm

Number of leaves: 13

**Packing Size: 4/box 183x38x20cm

**Packing Size for reference only. Products sold individually.

Weight: 4kg

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor