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Gladiolus Yellow Arrangement - Plant Couture - Silk Flower Arrangements

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Bold & Beautiful: Sunshine in Every Bloom - Gladiolus Arrangement Yellow

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer all year round! Our showstopping Gladiolus Arrangement in sunshine yellow is a guaranteed conversation starter, bursting with life and color to brighten any indoor space. 

Towering at a majestic 105cm, this arrangement features a stunning collection of premium yellow gladiolus blooms. Each stalk is meticulously arranged in a sleek 35cm glass vase, creating a breathtaking display that measures a generous 70cm wide. 

More than just a pretty face, here's why you'll love it: 

  • Long-lasting vibrancy: Unlike fresh gladioli, this arrangement captures their sunshine hues forever. Enjoy the uplifting pop of color for years to come, with minimal maintenance needed. 

  • Statement piece with presence: Standing tall and proud, this arrangement instantly commands attention. It's a perfect centerpiece for grand entryways, living rooms with high ceilings, or anywhere you want to add a touch of drama and vibrancy. 

  • Symbol of strength and victory: Gladioli hold a rich history, symbolizing strength, character, and victory in Roman culture. Legend has it that gladiators wore garlands of gladioli before entering the arena, drawing inspiration from the flower's unwavering spirit. 

Bring a touch of that same victorious energy into your home! 

Did you know? Gladioli come in a stunning array of colors, but yellow is particularly associated with happiness, optimism, and gratitude. A vibrant yellow arrangement like this is a thoughtful gift to celebrate a friend's success, a new beginning, or simply to express your appreciation. 

Invest in a burst of sunshine that never fades! Order your Gladiolus Arrangement Yellow today and bring a touch of enduring happiness to your home. 

Product Specifications

Name: Gladiolus Arrangement Yellow


Total Height: 105cm

Vase Height: 35cm

Width: 70cm

Weight: 3.41kg

Vase: Glass

Flowers Included: Gladiolus

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor