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Calla Lily Tree 130cm - Plant Couture - Artificial Plants

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  -For a beautiful ornament that is maintenance-free, you will love this artificial Calla Lily. It looks incredibly stunning in any room because of its detailed green leaves. Reaching 130 centimeters in height, it suits as a display or accent piece.

Decorate your room with this lively and realistic artificial Calla Lily. It has stunning bold green leaves. Being 130 centimeters in height, this authentic-looking plant could look even more beautiful in your own decorative pot. 

With lush and true-to-life green leaves it's hard to tell it's a fake plant! Lots of attention to detail has been given to these plants, from the leaf shape, detailing and overall stem placement so you get a nice natural coverage of leaves from top to bottom.

A great looking plant to add a splash of natural colour to your space.


When it arrives:



We will send your Calla Lily plant safely and securely in a strong cardboard box. The plant and travel pot may have some additional wrapping to keep it secure in transit.

First, remove all of the packaging and, if possible, recycle it. Your artificial Calla Lily will arrive in a plain black pot. Our Calla Lily is cemented into this pot to provide stability.



You will find that the leaves on the Calla Lily plant are pushed upwards when you remove them from the box. The Calla Lilly will need some adjusting.


Add finishing touches: 

We do suggest replanting it into a more decorative plant pot to compliment your artificial Calla Lily.

We offer a large variety of premium plant pots in a mixture of shapes, sizes and colours, so finding the perfect spot for your plant couldn’t be any easier!


Product Specifications

Name: Calla Lily Tree 130cm


Height: 130m

Width: 65cm

Pot Measurement: H17cm x D20cm

Number of leaves: 34

**Packing Size: 2/Box 153x20x21cm

**Packing Size for reference only. Products sold individually.

Weight: 3.65kg

Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor