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Armani B Pot with Green Joy Plant 80cm

R 6,213.44

This product is available.

 PLEASE NOTE: The pot and plant combinations are not linked to stock availability.

This combination might show out of stock, even though it is available.

Add to quote should you wish to purchase. We will send you a Pro-Forma if your combination is available in the quantity you require.

Pot Colours:

Please select the colour of the pot from the swatches below, and be sure to let us know which one you would like in the comment section of your order. 

Colour swatches for Francisco Plant Couture Pots

Combined Height of Pot and Plant Combo: 166cm

The height is an indication only and can vary depending on the setup.


When the Pot & Plant Combo arrives, this is what you need to do:


Your Plant and selected Pot will each arrive in a strong cardboard box with additional packaging to keep the pot and foliage safe during transit. This should be recycled where possible.

When your order arrives, open the boxes and remove your pot & tree.

In the unlikely case that your products arrives damaged, please report it within 24 hours as per the Terms and Conditions.


When you unbox your Plant, you may notice that the foliage is a bit bunched together. This is because it’s been packed tightly to prevent any damage during transit.

To correct this, carefully bend out the fronds and foliage until you’re happy with the trees overall appearance. See next step of dressing out..

When you unbox your pot you will find the liner inside the pot, with the pre-cut poly liner and a bag of bark chips.

Carefully remove the polystyrene liner from the black liner pot as well as the bark chip. Replace the polystyrene inner with the black liner. Carefully slot your plant into the pre-cut hole, until you feel it is firmly set in the poly-liner.

Dressing/Arranging Plant:

When you receive your artificial plant it will need a little bit of arranging - or dressing out - in order to look its best.

Most of our artificial plants have wired branches, fronds and foliage which means you can simply bend or reshape them by hand until they are in the desired position.

Either use the image from our website or Google an image of the natural plant and manipulate the product until you are satisfied. You can be quite firm with our products - they won't break easily!

Some of the leaves may have become slightly creased in the box. You can normally straighten these out using your hands. Any remaining creases will naturally drop out within a few days. If you'd rather not wait you can apply some low heat to the foliage either using an iron or hair straighteners.

Please cover the foliage with a piece of material before applying any heat and make sure it is not too hot otherwise it may damage the material or worse, be a fire hazard.

Each of our products will need slightly different levels of 'dressing.' For example, some can be arranged by simply bending the foliage into an arch shape.

Alternatively, our boxwood items will be slightly flat on one side (because they are laying flat in the box) which needs to be 'fluffed' out so that it looks like a trimmed natural topiary item.

If you need any further guidance or advice on a specific artificial plant, please contact us.

Add finishing touches: 

Cover the poly-liner with the supplied bark chip. Make sure that the pre-potted black plant pot doesn’t show.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Our artificial plants are very easy to care for. No ongoing maintenance such as pruning or watering is necessary. To keep your Green Joy looking fabulous we recommend giving it a quick dust every now and then to prevent any build-up of dirt or debris. Aside from this, you can put down your watering can and leave your fertiliser behind; you won’t be needing any of that!


Product Specifications



Length: 60cm

Width: 60cm

Height: 160cm

Weight: 5.55KG

Liner: 32cm