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Artificial plants shopping guide

Posted on June 09 2021

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A question that frequently pops in people’s heads when it comes to artificial plants is “How are they made?” which is usually followed by “What material is used?” The truth is, every manufacturer has their own process and own material composition in their products. Most artificial plants consist of various plastics, silk or cotton fabric. Other materials include polythene, all depending on what plant you buy and where you buy it. Our products are made from high-quality material so that they look as lifelike as their natural counterparts. And we believe that when it comes to artificial plants, quality matters!


A brief history lesson


Technology has come a long way and has undoubtedly influenced the quality of faux plants. Historians believe that China developed the first artificial plants from silk over 1500 years ago. Remarkably enough, other cultures created artificial plants too.

The Roman empire began creating intricate artificial flowers made from wax to look realistic and alive.  Since then, humans have been trying to artificially recreate plants to look so real, you won’t know the difference. Only to perfect the craft in the last decade or so.


Tips on buying artificial plants


Few people know how to decorate their homes with artificial plants. This is entirely understandable! There’s so many options available and trends on the market, it can be hard to decide on something you like. 

However, there are some guidelines to follow when selecting artificial plants for your indoor spaces.
which we will cover below:

1. Invest in quality

One thing to remember when shopping for faux plants is that quality matters. Yes, there are cheaper options, but you get cheap products at the end of the day if you pay low prices. There’s a reason why some plants look and feel more realistic than others -  The price! Luckily, you only buy once, and they last you a lifetime.

2. Characteristics to look out for

Have you ever walked into a room, saw a plant and instantly knew it was fake?  That’s because it probably didn’t have any natural characteristics. A couple of things to look out for are elements such as the trunk or stems.

The more natural-looking they are, the better. Nature very rarely produces perfection, so faux plants with imperfect leaves go a long way into making the plant more realistic.

3. Avoid plants with perfect symmetry

When any plant looks perfectly symmetric, it automatically gives off a fake look and feel. You can replant it into actual soil, which gives it a natural element or mix it with real plants. Perfectly symmetric plants are probably cheaper because manufacturers these days go above and beyond to make faux plants as realistic as possible.

4. Stay clear of very glossy plants

Some plants have a high gloss finish which could come across as tacky. This ties into the first point above. Buying quality faux plants means you’ll have to look twice to know its artificial. So when shopping for fake plants, rather spend the extra money and get something that will not only last you a lifetime but looks genuine too.

5. Put your plants in “natural environments.”

The placement of your artificial plants is equally important when trying to decorate your living spaces. Plants in places with no natural light is a dead giveaway and should be avoided. Putting it in places where it seems “natural” goes a long way in convincing people they are real. It is, however, entirely up to your preferences and taste.

6. Make them seem less artificial

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that you can make us off to make your plants seem less fake. For this we recommend using a polystyrene liner which you can buy online from us. The liner keeps your plant in the perfect position, which goes a long way in creating a real aesthetic. Don’t forget to dust it every now and again to eliminate any dirty particles sitting on the plant. Throw people off by keeping some natural plants such as bonsai’s in the same space too.



Beautiful Indoor faux plants for the office


We all know that plants can light up any office or home space. However, many professionals simply don’t have the time to care for them. Here’s a tip when styling your office with faux plants. We always recommend using plants in the office environment, which would be sustainable as if it were the real thing.  

This makes it much less obvious that the plants are artificial. This is where our faux plants come in really handy. The great thing is, there are loads of options for you to choose from. Big or small, we have something for everyone at Plant Couture. Below is a range of indoor faux plants that’s perfect for the office.


Aloe there!

This plant is 70cm tall with a dusty green colour and features realistic spiky edged leaves. When you touch the leaves, you’ll be surprised at how realistic they feel. It would make a great addition to your office space, and it requires no maintenance at all. To give it a more realistic touch, we suggest covering it with bark chips as a topping which would complement and enhance the arrangement.


Dior B with Dracaena Fragrance

Add a touch of tropical style to the office with this beautiful Dracaena tree. The tropical style is bright, bold and cheerful, and the pot it comes in blends everything together. This artificial silk plant stands 160cm tall and features realistic fresh green leaves. The stems are covered with foliage to provide a natural look, and when you touch it, the plant feels realistic. Perfect for brightening up your office space. Choose a wide range of pot colours from our swatches online.

Shop our tree collections.


Bonsai Tree

You can’t go wrong with a faux bonsai tree for the office. It adds a natural element and sparks a sense of interest with a hint of relaxation to an environment that is usually considered stressful. And don’t worry about keeping it alive; this plant is not dying on you anytime soon. It comes with a pot, and you can cover it with small bark chips for an added natural effect.


Rubber Tree 82cm

You can cleverly incorporate nature into spaces that need a soft focal point. This rubber tree would make an invigorating addition to your office or home. Featuring big matt leaves with vivid red tips, and it comes with a black pot. However, you always have the option of repotting it into a different small to a medium-sized pot. Shop our range of premium plastic pots, which is available in several shapes and colours to compliment your beautiful rubber tree.



Medium plants for the office or home


Areca Palm 90cm

Looking for something bigger? Then consider this Areca palm tree that stands 50cm tall. It features incredible attention to detail with a realistic leaf structure and beautiful green fronds. These work very well for conservatories, bathrooms or hallways and add a splash of greenery with no need to water. You can also fill up an empty corner in your office or house where needed.


Calla Lily 90cm

If you are looking for a leafy plant intended for any indoor spaces, this Calla lily won’t disappoint. It requires no pruning, no watering, just dust it every once in a while. It stands roughly 88cm tall and comes fully assembled.

The stems are wired for your convenience, should you want to rearrange the foliage to fit your environment. This plant works well in bathrooms, hallways or indoor spaces that need a splash of green.

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Fiddle Leaf Ficus 155cm

Another alternative that’s perfect for the office or home is this lifelike Ficus tree. When you walk into a room and see the display of greenery, you immediately feel relaxed. This artificial tree has rich dark green foliage.

It features natural leaves made from thick plastic-like material, making it look and feel more like its natural counterpart. The textured trunk incorporates realistic hanging roots for added aesthetic.  

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Hanging Fern 165cm

Faux ferns give you the best of both worlds. If you don’t have green thumbs, this is definitely a plant you should consider because it would add some fresh air to your décor spaces.

This faux fern is lush, abundant and overflowing. And you’ll have to look twice to spot the difference because they are true to life.

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One of the latest trends we’ve been noticing is incorporating soft, natural colours into interior spaces. Lighter hues can also light up small spaces, so choose faux plants that are lighter in colour.

For example, this pink Perilla Hanging Bush is super versatile and will add some colour to any interior space. For a really lush display, add other faux plants in a hanging planter, and you’ll be amazed by the final outcome.  

Get your selection of artificial plants delivered safely to your door by shopping online. Our products are made from premium materials and are crafted to perfection.

These artificial plants will never perish and needs no attention. Only admiration! We stock a wide range of faux plants and accessories – everything that you might need. Add a natural, calming environment to your office or home. - shop online.